Mar 21, 2005


"is it only skin i touch
when i reach for you?

oh, the leaves they fall,
they go so far sometimes.
do i blame the wind
or the tree for letting you go,
or do i wave goodbye,settling?"

you know what, ai is right. my poems are so lonely. and to be frank, when i read them, i can't seem to feel any emotion flowing from them, just like what i expected them to possess. it's like, they're so void of any feeling. the poems...lacked real depth. i mean, yes, most poems, when i am making them, i have in me a lot of emotions...bottled-up emotions that i try to put in words...but i guess i am not a good conveyor of feelings, emotions, stuff like that. but hey, no reason to feel any shame at all. everyone can be better, in one way or another.