Mar 21, 2005


untalkative bunny. that's so raven. e-mail. junk mail. snail mail. unmade bed. aching head. dvd's. vcd's. ED's. book. nook. crook. shnook. pillow. hollow. narrow. marrow? speaker. sneaker. jeans, a pair? how to deal. sugar free. jam88.3. dust. must. rust. lust? seventeen. meg. candy. mandy? mop. tap. tube top. lights. heights. fright. dashboard. blackboard. web. lead. bed. chocolate, black. nothing more to say, aack! chips. dips. tortillas. pitas. novas. literature. picture. camera. red star-a. aria. diary of daria. sleep, no. got to go. be right back. wish me luck.