Feb 10, 2005

negative thoughts: anybody willing to play catch?

note: ito ay dulot lamang ng isa’t kalahating araw ng pagmomoda.

Have you ever felt so down you came to a point you where you’ve become afraid of drinking any more liquid in case you just spill it out in the form of tears? I have.

And I still wasn’t able to control myself. Tears just spilled out, as if a faucet was turned on and nobody knew how to put a cork in it.


I feel so stupid for admitting it out loud. Because like what I’ve said, admitting it out loud will just make it too real. And all I wanted was to make it go away. But no, my stupid mouth has got me in trouble I said too much again.

I know, I know, karma.

Why is it that I [1]always fall for someone who doesn’t give a damn about me; and [2]dismiss those who care so much? I guess I have to live with the fact that it is my destiny to become one of the world’s most incredible bitches and outstanding playas.


How can you make someone love you?

Well, the thing is, you can’t. All you can do is love them and hope and wish that loving them is enough reason for them to love you back.

But then again, whoever said loving someone requires that someone to love you back? Isn’t it loving is giving without any expectation of return?

Looking into another person’s eyes and feeling their hearts is such a hard thing to do. Because most people are actors. They are capable of hiding every emotion, every pain, every hurt. But be on the look-out; because nobody can take the pressure of his or her emotions being bottled-up. They will, sooner or later, crack. And when they do, don’t just stand there, be with them too.


As of now, I am balancing myself on the middle of a big big rubber band engaged in a series of pulls back and forth (and these pulls are not as any close into being used as the definition of gentle, no).

And I am about to topple over with no one to catch me.