Feb 10, 2005

the first kiss is the hardest

Which kind of a kiss do you prefer? A smack, a smooch or a frenchie?

Haha. Here I go again with my non-sense monologues. You can either bear it with me or just skip this (I suggest you go with the latter).


A smack (either on the lips or the cheek) implies a friendly gesture; it is the kind of kiss you give to friends. While a frenchie on the other hand rarely counts as a romantic liplock; it usually is a lusty uninhibited act that makes you get ready for bases two, three and four.

The most romantic kiss is a smooch. Because when you kiss someone like that, it feels like you’re trying to grasp and put into memory the feel of the kiss. It’s not too gentle nor too harsh. It’s just right.

Ah, but it’s too good to be true.


Kissing someone for the first time just opens a deep hole of what-ifs. And it is these kind of what-ifs that make your head spin and your stomach churn.

What if (he/she) thought I was just playing (him/her)?
What if (he/she) was just playing me?
What if I suddenly fall; will (he/she) catch someone like me?
What if (he/she) thinks it was a mistake?
What if (he/she) thinks it was my mistake?
What if (he/she) realizes (he/she) kissed the wrong person?
What if … ?
What if … ?
What if … ?


Gulong gulo na ako. I have no idea what the heck am I gonna do. Should I be doing something?

Maybe not. I live by these words: Kung ayaw sa’yo, ‘wag mong ipagpilitan ang sarili mo.

That’s true, isn’t it? Guess I’ll have to be content sa patuloy na pagdarasal ng dasal ng mga bitter.

Haha. Bitter ka lor!