Mar 27, 2009

in love. in you.

got this from patice naman, baby din ang tawag ko sa kanya kaya di ko na kelangan palitan hehe :)

My baby...

Let me borrow a jacket when I was cold
Pulled out a chair for me to sit in
Held a door open for me
Pushed my hair back away from my face
Let me hack his/her Xanga
...His/her Facebook
...His/her Myspace
Waited for me to get online just so we could talk
Shared a drink with me
Bought me lunch
Bought me food
Made me food
Let me cry on his/her shoulder
Taken care of me while I wasn't feeling well
Given me a backrub
Given me a foot massage
Rubbed my head when I had a headache
Called me beautiful
Called me gorgeous
Called me hot
Called me cute
Called me sexy
Given me a compliment
...And meant it
Bought me chocolate
Bought me flowers
Bought me jewelry
Driven me places
Taught me new things
Fed me. Literally
Dropped everything to see me
Made a promise to me
...And kept it
Tucked me into bed
Watched a movie s/he didn't like with me just because I liked it
Taken me to a theme park
Respected me
Trusted me
Remained faithful
Remained loyal
Walked me home
Walked far just to see me
Showed me off to his/her friends
Snuck out to see me
Gotten in trouble for me
Lied for me
Protected me
Stood up for me
Said "I love you"
...And meant it
Never cheated on me
Paid for dinner
Taken me to watch the starry sky from a rooftop
Kissed me on my forehead
Kissed me on my nose
Kissed me on my neck
Kissed me on my hand
Kissed me on my lips
Kissed me in the rain
Kissed me under fireworks
Kissed me on a rooftop
Hugged me from behind
Bear-hugged me
Hugged me and refused to let go
Picked me up off the ground
Carried me
Tossed me into the air
Held hands with me
Surprised me
Supported me in decisions i've made
Helped me mend a broken heart
Called me just to say "I love you"
Texted me just to say "I love you"
Written me a sweet note/letter
Gone shopping with me even though s/he didn't like it
Done countless favors for me
Chosen to be seen in public with me despite my crazy side
Comforted/consoled me
Made a complete fool of him/herself to make me smile/laugh
Did anything to make me smile/laugh
Let me cry on his/her shoulder
Reassured me that things would be okay
Cheered me up
Told me I was his/her one and only
Made me feel special
Listened to me vent
Not pressured me to do something I didn't want
Apologized when s/he was wrong
Been patient with me
Literally wiped my tears away
Figuratively wiped my tears away
Tickled me excessively
Burned me a CD
Slow danced with me
...To no music
Been in an "I love you more" argument with me
Sung to me
Let me use him/her as a pillow
Held me and kept me warm
Accepted me completely for who I am, flaws and all