Mar 14, 2009


he would sit still after coaxing her to wake up. he wouldn't budge her. he wouldn't force her into anything she wasn't ready to do. and right now, it was getting up and out of bed.

5 minutes.

he went outside and prepared her a whole wheat breakfast. he turned on the coffee maker dropped a few beans. he set the table. he turned the tv on. basketball. his only guilty pleasure. nothing follows.

he goes back to the kitchen and pours a cup for himself. he takes another and in goes a couple of cubes of sweetener. he looks at the clock and walks back to the bedroom door he left ajar.

5 minutes.

time's up. he slips into bed with her and puts a strand of hair behind her ear. he looks at her gently, slowly, as if any more would seem wheedling her already. he then kisses her forehead, her half closed lids, her nose.

her eyes open slightly and her lips part into a smile.

the sun comes pouring in at the exact moment her mouth decided to expose their pearly whites, a movement which came upon him suddenly. and all thoughts of fresh toast are left in the oven, to simmer while the world stops. and the tic and tock came unhurriedly. and all arrangements of the day get stranded in between the sheets and the world waiting beyond it.