Mar 12, 2009

cold words. hot weather.

this day is just so hot. i cannot believe we are seriously entering such a hot summer. don't get me wrong i am in love with summer. it is my favorite season. and if only it wasn't so nice to have to cuddle during the rainy season and if only the rain wouldn't provide so much metaphors then i do think that summer should be our only season. anyway, yeah it's so effing hot.

plus i had so much stuff to do today. which, fortunately i was able to do. there was that settling my credit card bill, paying the school application fee, arranging stuff for the book, and making a lot of phone calls. i'm tired and it's just a little past three in the afternoon.

that i think is why i'm blogging. and i'm trying my very best to write. and write and write. so even if i'm just basically ranting and chalking up such nonsense, i have to do this. i need to write and write and write. i cannot lose my words. not now. not ever.