Jan 12, 2008

sod off.

i am so pissed off. yeah i do get home at an ungodly hour because i have work. but to go home at such an hour (and not even actually going home just lainly leaving the place you were at) with your 2 month old daughter at your house waiting for you to come home?! your house even! i am so pissed off. i could just kill someone right now. the nerve! what kind of a parent would do that? stupid useless gits i suppose. i am so angry i could definitely burst. that s why i had to write this down. i don t know what id do if i didn t blog about this. imagine! imagine!

oh my god. i am so tired. i'm sick because of the rain yesterday MORNING and now this. sarap diba? kamusta naman. god, what do you say to those kind of people? if you becomemabait and malambing and understanding they don t have it in themselves to say sorry thinking eveything s okay naman why say sorry pa. and if you give them the cold shoulder they ll be the ones angry pa, asking you what s wrong making you kulet then when you tell them , they will get a lot angrier pa and won t say sorry pa after the conversation. tapos when you approach them na galit (because that s how you feel eh you re mad na nga diba) they ll counter you with a series of angry outbursts as well. hay sarap. imagine! imagine!

sidedish. i just love saying the word imagine. obviously.

back to my rant. grrr. i am so angry. i m not even hungry anymore. i didn t have much for lunch at work and was hoping to get eat at home but this came first so good luck with my appetite. my eating hours are already very abnormal and when i get hungry pa this is what happens. shoot.