May 6, 2007

a hearty morning.

i could seriously feel myself drowning in the cold winds that come after a slight pour. and all these is from the dynaflex fan that i got to steady at my side. ahh. i could just imagine myself at someplace cold, like the view deck at baguio. or just at some random terrace here and there, drawing all curtains to bask the room with all the sun's glory, while smelling the minty fresh scents of pine trees at an early morning.

and when i get back into the room, i find myself making a homemade breakfast for my still-sleepy boyfriend whom i wake up and stuff with bear hugs and early-morning cuddling. then i turn up the country sound from the music player we brought and eat a hearty meal i've prepared. we gush at the serenity of it all, talk about the places we'd be visiting, stores we'd haggle prices with the vendors at, chic restaurants we'd be filling ourselves with (this he can't come up with any ideas since we're eating and he's almost full and that's what happens to him when he's almost full - can't think of any more food.), long roads where we'd walk hand-in-hand with, and a million other things. we laugh at most, making faces with an imaginary camera. then really taking the digicam we brought with us and taking early bird shots.

we both go to the terrace with our cups of chocolates on our hands, with me snuggling close to him and breathing in his scent, mingled with the freshness of teh cold baguio morning. we stand at the deck and just stare at the poignant landscaoe, knowing how we'd ever be as close to such a beautifully set stage as this when we go back home. so we drown ourselves in the beauty, silently.

when i noticed that my cup of chocolate was near to being finished, i broke free from his grasp and went back to the room. i could feel the weight of his stare pierce holes through my retreating back, and i allow myself take pleasure in his loving stare. i meticuously clean all that's left of our breakfast in bed and unhurriedly walk to the sink and wash the dishes. he comes to me, embraces me from behind and shoves his used cup into the sink. i tell him we better get ready for the day and he kisses the sides of my neck before leaving to get the shower ready for our bath.

he takes the towels from the drawer and turns the shower knobs on for a hot bath. when he sees me getting done with teh dishes, he pulls me to him and we both get ready to bathe. as he finishes, i wash the hot oil conditioner off of my hair and reaches for the towel wrapped around his waist. he laughs it off and continues to unhurriedly brush his teeth. we get done with all the washing and cleaning and had to take time to finish off deciding which outfits to wear.

we both decide on donning shorts and slippers and light-fabric shirts with our white-on-green and yellow-on-brown tightfit jackets. we dump all our belongings, the music player, the digicam, the sunglasses, the wallets, the hankies, the powders, mirrors, combs and our bottle of water at the mesh messenger bag he brought for me especially for this trip. we then fish the keys from the glass bowl and close the door behind us, totally ready for the day ahead.