Feb 1, 2007

segue suck.

wow. i finally managed to snag some blog time. ive tried my best to at least manage to blog every once in a while but teh last few days were really exhausting. plus the fact that for the last few days, i seem to be having trouble with the new version of blogger. i can't open the page. so there.

by the way, i also tried to ... gad. what was i trying to say? oh i remember. a while ago i tried to give my multiply site a new 'do and edit a lot of other stuff and all but hey, im such a newbie and it took me such a lot of time just looking at so many things from one of my three contacts and i got so engrossed i wasn't able to well, 'multiply' anymore.

earlier at work today, we had a whole two hours time to spare before actually working so i stuck myself in a station cornered somewhere in which the aircon does not get to hit any part of me and just sat there, conversing with my inner wired pawns. and i figured (we figured) how i am wasting so much time whining and complaining and doing nothing. i've lost my touch. and i'm not doing anything to bring it back. i want to feel the warmth, the overflowing passion, the tender caresses, the loving embraces, lingering chills...

im talking about my words, green-minded freaks. teehee. didn't mean to call you guys freaks though. anywho, there i was, and i just felt so empty. it was like i didn't even exist. i felt like a creative clever allegory used to delineate the abstract thoughts of my puppeteer's works. and my puppeteer isn't into words. or any of the arts for that matter.

but i guess we have to sacrifice things we love to do things we need to to be able to save more time to do the things we love.

oops. i guess that was a bit screwy. well, you know me. raunchy, messy, topsy-turvy in love with curry. blowzy, dirty grimy, gruby, loveydovey. hearty, february, sweety, honey, baby. huh?! okay. that just sucked. i couldn't even do proper segues. sad.