Jan 8, 2007

*superGIRL and starGIRL unite

haha. yeti and i have been IMing each other since we've opened our pcs. i guess we've been at this for more than an hour ago. teehee. from mission odyssey up til homeboy* which is almost finished. ^^

syndrynx_teyam: hndi ko nga alam kung sa ue ko pa gusto mag aral
sydrynx_teyam: eh panu nga yung balkanace pa natin
loreen: balkanace?
sydrynx_teyam: balance
sydrynx_teyam: ahahhaha
sydrynx_teyam: parang iba na banag word?
loreen: oo hahahaha
loreen: balkanace ang puchik
loreen: hahahahaha
sydrynx_teyam: hehehhe

at yan ang pagiimbento namen ng mga salita. bow.

*im not actually watching the tv. i could just hear it's incessant gushing.