Jan 10, 2007

answers come in colors.

why is it i have such a lot of things i can come up with if stumped with life questions by myself? sigh. now i know why i have this newfound love of surveys. they require you answering random questions and you see something deeper than what it seems on the surface and perfect answers simply pop out of nowhere. but when you do need to answer questions of the same kind in person, you think, long and hard and you just can't seem to come up with answers. unbelievable.

i've tons of questions. and i don't always have the answers. i try to. then, i start to think too much. then i keep all the answers with me. then i forget to tell anyone anything. then all the answers i discovered are locked in me. until such time though that i dig deep and deep..and maybe a little deeper still.

wish all the answers just came crashing down your way everytime you needed them to. or that you could just buy this software where you can just download all those answers. or you simply close your eyes and then everything would just come to you.


then again, where does that leave us? where do we go from there? it's not always the case where you could just separate the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. there's still that gray area somewhere.

it so sucks to get stuck in that gray area.

answers come in different colors. gray is an existing color. so good luck.