May 15, 2006


again, im super hungry. sigh.

im to go to the ateneo again today to teach my kids. hope they do get to elarn something from me.

i can't wait to go to work already. i don't know, im just hung up on it. i have no plans of leaving it. really. il go to work in the mornings and go to school in the afternoons. right? i could make this work. i know i can.


sigh. i feel like no words are able to come out of me. i just keep on reading and reading books but unlike before, i couldn't write about all these that ive read about. don't get me wrong. im as absorbed as can be when reading such good books but, i just can't write anymore. i mean, i can write. but unlike before, it takes me suh a long time before actually knowing of what to write about and double the time to actually put all those to words. it sad and i really wish i could do something about it.

its hard for me during times like this. i feel so bad. i really do. what do other people do when they face stuff like these?

i really want it back.


ok. ive taken too long in front of this computer and i have to log out now. bye.