May 14, 2006

i just got back from work a bit earlier and well, i wasn't actually working...i mean, i got there so late because my dad, my parents actually, were forcing me to resign. but i have to get through them.

btw, a BIG thank you to my you!

so there. iw as with kuya jigz and ate joan after work and we went to megamall and st. francis square. kuya jigz and i were supposed to buy slippers but as it turns out, ate joan was the only one who got her pair and i was left looking at some stall with uber cute teddy bears and i ended up buying one. ate joan said i should name him 'cado' for avocado but then decided against it. i changed it to 'keido' (kiddo) and im still thinking if it fits. hmm.. after that, we ate at kfc in mega and we were to play arcade but i saw this booksale sign and i just had to get in. i bought me a new book, "ride into the morning' a novel by anne rinaldi about tempe wick, a sort-of legend in the US.

oh shf. i only got a minute more and im kicked out of this computer place. got to go.