May 16, 2006

books to movies

its one o'clock in the morning and im getting a wee tired. matt is beside me right now, ever so naughty and kulet all of a sudden. but i miss that part about him. hehe.

so there we were supposed to play dota but as it turns out, we had lots of otehr stuff to check out and do before playing.

anyway, i can't wait to see The Da Vinci Code already. im super excited with the way it'll turn out. i mean, i read the damn book. if the movie does not live up to it, might as well be trash. i mean, not trash-trash but plain trash. i hate having to watch good books turn into movies that aren't really that bad but movies that take the whole meaning of the book away. i mean, what was even the point of making a movie out the book if you're not to follow what was in it? if you are not to do that, might as well place it as "based on the characters of blahblah" and not "based on the book of blahh" right?

i have nothing against filmakers wanting to make a twist in a good book. but what i am against are filmakers suddenly changing the whole story of the book - the whole essence of its being naturally a good read. like remember "A Walk to Remember?" i got overexcited watching the movie since ive already read the book and i got my hopes up because it was a book that was on the edge of being sweet but was on the borderline of being cheesy. anyways, as it turns out, the whole point of the book being titled "A Walk To Remember" was totally stripped off in the movie. You need to read before you watch.

so there. matt just found a The Da Vinci Code teaser at youtube. i wanna watch it first ok? bye.