Mar 6, 2006

for you, baby a

ill be leaving for baguio in a few hours...without a.


a and i played dota just a while ago and i can't help but notice how i am going to miss him terribly. you see, even if it's just going to take me hours to go to and from baguio, it's really not the same without him. im already missing him...even if he's just iches away from me.

i actually can't stop hugging him on the way home. i am going to MISS him. waaahhh!

i wasn't abel to sleep well last night. partly because of colds and headaches but mostly because i couldn't stop crying knowing there's the possibility of a not being with me to baguio tomorrow. just imagine how wet my pillows are going to be later on as we already know a can't come with me.

i can't stop looking at him...staring at him...memorizing his every picture so that when i get stuck on teh bus without anything to, ill just think of him and imagine us two.


sigh. i love you so much baby. i don't care if people think this is the mushiest and corniest thing they've read. they just don't know what it feels like to be away from you, even for just a second. i know we have to know this, we have to try this...but why now? just why now?


hey a, hey! *smoile* he's still playing dota, trying to kill roshan while still stuck in level one. he's unsuccessful, though. so im going to try it for myself. wait....ookay, so that was fun. i got to sit on his lap even though i was as unsuccessful as him in trying to kill roshan. *smoile*


i am going to miss you terribly, a. i love you so much, so much.