Mar 3, 2006


im excited. im ecstatic. im going back to baguio! well, im staying there not as long as i want to but just as long as i finish all whatevers i have to do. or else, it may be bye-bye to everything and everyone for me as im to egt stuck in our house for the rest of my life if i mess it up.

anyway, i WANT to go to BAGUIO!!! im really excited. imagine, kung cnbe ko n kay dadi maaga pa lang n kelangan ko n tlga plang umakyat edi umabot pako sa anib at panagbenga?db???!!! still, this is fine. this is actually absolutely great. i just wish all my friends there are there when i come. last time i came there were there but so late na because i was with my family and we were already almost on our way home. huhu.

i miss i miss i miss. i miss the baguio-ness of baguio.

siguro premonition ang mga pangyayari sa paligid ko, no? i mean, just last week, a friend of mine went to baguio to visit his girlfriend. then, as a and i were going home, we saw two girls in st. thomas square who obviously just came back from baguio - one was holding a lengua de gato and a peanut brittle bottle. plus, when i got to school this week (after the 4-day vacation), i saw (again) two girls talking enthusiastically about the other's visit to the panagbenga festival. and if that isn't enough, my friends were talking about baguio pa. sigh.

well, the only thing that dims all these is the possibility of a not going with me there. not enough funds kasi. pero im trying my best to save enough money for him to come with me. just imagine the cold-ness of baguio without him! sigh.

speaking of saving, i have to log out now so as i can save another 10 pesos. :)