Mar 17, 2006


okay. i just realized that the bitching part one i did didn't reach the "your blog published successfully" status. great.

okay, i guess my rant there was about the people in our filipino class who just cannot make a research paper by themselves within one week. like duh?! it isn't a thesis. plus, what kind of educated person who was able to almost finish a year in college cannot possible make a research paper within five hours?! right? they want it to be done in groups because i quote "marame pa po kase kameng gagawin ma'am." jusko! my grades rely on this paper. there is a possibility that this paper is the substitute of our final exams and i don't want a grade lower than dos. how can i possibly get back to up?

anyway, i just wanted to get that off my chest and let my classmates responsible for that grouping thingie read about this. itll be too harsh if i say that to their faces, right? the humiliation they'd get from me would be unspeakable.