Mar 17, 2006

bitching part two

don't you just hate it when you're working on your blog and you're in an internet cafe and people are standing at your back, absent-mindedly reading what you're writing?! i mean, yes okay this is going to be posted on my blog for everyone to see..but hey, i don't want people reading what im writing BEFORE i finish it. i guess the only person i ever let reading my unfinished works is a. and imagine, a doesn't even get to read the whole of it.

another thing that bugs me is the fact that no matter how hard you try to let people know you don't want them getting close to you, they just couldn't get it. like, hello?! is it just that hard? grr.

sigh. this post is again one of those bitch rants. and i realize im turning into this overly schizophrenic lass who has nothing else to do but rant and rant and rant. but im not like that in real life, really. i just have these schizo attacks whenever the finals are coming up. add to that the fact that ive just finished with my period and ive got this pms syndrome. pre and post