Aug 17, 2005


walking out is like the worst thing ever. especially when those things you've walked out on are the most special things life could ever give and that those are the things that never deserve any walking out from.

i hate myself. ha, so blatant. but how cani actually even try to conceal what i feel? sigh. i feel so bad.

it was my fault, i know. i did something wrong and after that, i got mad at you for getting mad at me for doing something wrong. i am so sorry. i really am. the problem is i don't know how i can say those words out loud now...when the person has gone.

i want to cry but i can't. oh what the heck, the tears are about to fall anyways.

please...i am so sorry...i never meant for things to turn out this way...i never meant to hurt anyone...especially you...i am sorry...i love you so much i hate myself for hurting you...sorry...