Dec 21, 2012

Fashion Friday

(*Disclaimer: Beautiful dresses continuously amaze me but I am not a fashion blogger. I just like creating looks as inspiration for everyday/special day dressing up.)

So in about 4 days, we're having this really big party, where all my relatives from my Dad's side of the family will gather at my grandmother's house, which is located just beside ours. It's the annual Christmas Eve Party, y'all! *insert huuuuuuuge grin here*

Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. I get all giddy when the -ber months start rolling in and I remember that, as kids, we used to count down from the 200th day before Christmas. Yes, way way way before Thanksgiving (which we really don't celebrate 'coz we're from the other side of the world), Halloween parties, All Saint's Day, All Soul's Day, and other local holidays.

Every year, my three sisters and I coordinate our outfits for the holidays. In years prior to 2010 I don't remember exactly the themes of our holidays but in 2010, we wore shorts (I'm not sure about this, that was probably in 2009 but I'm not really good with dates and people and the clothes they wear) and in 2011 we wore dresses (except our youngest - long story).

So for 2012, one of my younger sisters suggested we wear something red. Hence, this Polyvore set which I created to help me decide:

A Blushing Christmas

What do you think? I might go for 1 though. Let me know!

Blue button up shirt, $210 / Diane von Furstenberg / White tank, $19 / AllSaints knit sweater / GUESS by Marciano woven shirt / River Island , $24 / H&M peplum mini skirt, $24 / Pink Tartan high waisted pants, $125 / ASOS flat shoes / Maryjane shoes / H&M , $16 / Stacking bangle, $180 / Wallis resin jewelry / Photo necklace / Miso peace sign earrings, $8.13 / Meredith Wendell / Feather cuff earrings