Jun 15, 2012

We have come at the halftime mark

It's the 15th of June 2012. How did an entire 5 months plus 15days go by sooo fast?

But anyway. I'm just happy as hell I got the Blogger app for my iPod. Now (I hope) I will at least feel obliged to post one nonsense crap after another every single day. Plus, I need a place to rant and vent and scream and cheer and put into words the things my brain keeps telling me. (mi right an mi left brain actually have pretty worthwhile convos every now and then)

(big pause as no other thought comes to my mind)

(still nothing)

(beep beep beebeep still nothing)

(aaaaaand nothing)

I should just go to sleep.

oh well, time really does fly by fast.