Sep 19, 2011

Email I sent to MetroDeal

I just want to complain about this VERY VERY VERY VERY rude sales agent (as i believe he is) I talked to on the phone last Saturday. I was claiming my iLeaf earphones and the people from Circuit City said I wasn't on the master list. I talked to their Supervisor (also another extremely rude unpleasant lady) who I had requested to let their contact person from MetroDeal (Rodel something - is it really the way you work, your field AEs not giving out their last names to your Merchants?) call me, as I was waiting at the Circuit City branch in Megamall. I was talking to Rodel and was asking him what will happen now, will I get my earphones, etc. He just said yes i can claim them now and it wasn't Circuit City's fault that my name wasn't on the master list. I wasn't even blaming Circuit City. I was just asking him to explain why my name wasn't on the list when I clearly paid over the counter for it and have my voucher with me. He then proceeded to just end the call so rudely. I was still asking him what his last name was because I told him that this will all go to my BLOG, FACEBOOK, and other social networking sites. But he just HUNG UP. Is this professional? NO. It doesn't matter whether you're talking to a polite/angry/irate/shouting customer. He just HUNG UP. My experience with MetroDeal is very very very disappointing, to say the least. I am a creative writer that works for a group buying site catering to Americans so I have a basic know-how of how sales people should be talking to the Merchant's customers. Rodel was extremely rude. I will not be doing any more business with MetroDeal, and will ask my friends to stop subscribing as well.

It's not worth it. Saving money for this kind of service. Just stop subscribing toMetroDeal. Try CashCashPinoy or Beeconomic, instead.