Jan 16, 2011

this night, my words bled tears

there are moments when/words just don't accurately describe the pain./searing?/heavy?/unthinkable?/piercing?/silent?/hollow?/and you can't even begin to wonder how to start/a litany/of yourself - /a psychological-somatic-eternally-emotionally-biased/answers to the/whys and hows of your life/and your entire being/because when you stop and think about it/reflect/look back in retrospect,/you simply fucking FAILED./YOU failed/that one person you unequivocally offered your breathing to./you failed her.
you're incomplete,/your words just don't seem to/reach her in/you sometimes,/no, you always/wish the letters/all eight of them/could unscramble/themselves/to form more meaning/a much deeper/deeper/deep/meaning/so much more meaning/than the obvious/for her.../and for you/too.