Nov 14, 2010

Sunday night rambling part 2

I cannot believe it's been so long since I last posted here. My life has taken an almost 180 degree turn...for the better, apparently.

Just last month I quit my hopeless dead end mediocre job of a year and 2 months and shifted gears into a career I absolutely adore. Writing.

Yes. Call me Junior Writer. I cannot stop loving every minute of just thinking about what I do for a living. But more than that, I cannot stop falling in love everyday with my best friend. And as much as I would want to continue gabbing on about the sweetest girlfriend in the whole world ever, I have to stop myself and save it for a different post.

Girlfriend deserves an entire entry for her. And I'd want to surprise her with it, if I can. I'm just so lousy at surprises. Sometimes I feel like I have the best surprise idea ever but I can't help squealing about it and then just spilling the beans to the person I am supposed to actually surprise. Boo me, I know.

Anyway, I just still can't believe I'm finally writing in you again, blogger. :) I missed all the personal stuff in here. I miss the me that once used to write so much in so little time. And the me that sometimes surprises the me with the words.

But I have to  bid goodnight then, as I am now part of the working class that starts their week on an early Monday morning. Till next post.