Nov 28, 2010

I wanted

to write and rant on a new post, on this post, on this new post.

But then I realized I wanted to write on paper, instead. So maybe later, or whole lot of laters after, I'll transcribe what I've written on paper.

Because I miss paper. and its blankness. and its clarity. I miss how you don't need a squiggly red line under your words to know something is spelled wrong, or a green one to tell you something isn't right, the thought, the idea, doesn't seem to come out clear.

But what I miss most on paper is that editing yourself is a lot easier. Writing and re-writing is a lot easier because the words are still there. Written over by a couple or so lines, yet, they are there. The words are still.

The words are still. The words are unmoving and moving at the same time. The words are there and yet they aren't.