Mar 18, 2009

in love.

[this is from iya's page. :)]

Can you answer 50 questions about the 1st person that comes into your mind right now?
Don’t change the person.

Does he or she have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

How old is the person?
Twenty one

Has he/she ever cooked for you?
yep. (fried anything, anyone? :)

Is this person older than you?
just by a couple of months

Have you ever kissed this person?

Are you really close to him/her?

How many times do you talk to this person in a week?

Do you think they will repost this?
knowing him, i don't think so.

Could you live with this person?
we practically live together already.

Why did you choose this person?
just because.

How long have you known this person??
we go way back june 1994, so around 15-16 years :)

Have you ever been to the mall with this person?

Have you ever had a sleepover with this person?
every night.

If you ever moved away would you miss this person?
i wouldn't really want to move away,but yes.

Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?
haha. yeah.

Do you know everything about this person?
in a way.

Would you date this person’s siblings?
nope, not really.

Have you ever made something with this person?
yes! and not just some "thing" :)

Have you ever worn this person’s clothes?
yes. shirts, shorts, undies (eew i know but those were clean i swear), polo, pjs.

Have you and your person made up a hand shake?
no. it'd be funny if we see each other and then start shaking hands, come on.

If it was “freaky friday” would you switch bodies with this person?
of course. i've wondered about that more than twice.

Have you ever heard this person sing?
yes and oh boy can he sing!

Do you know this persons f'ster password?

Have you and this person ever gotten into a fight?

Have you and this person gone clubbing?
we're not into that. i mean, we'd drink but not go partying.

Do you know how to make this person feel happy?
yes. i do.

Do you and this person talk a lot?
every chance we got.

Do you like this person?
so much.

Do you want to go out with this person??

Do you want to be friends with them forever?
we're each other's best friends. hear that, BEST friends. and we already have our forever.

Who is this person?
byh. :)