Jul 8, 2008

ADMU won!

*yes. this is a late post. i was supposed to post this yesterday but then matt and i got into a fight and i ended up sulking in his bedroom and instantly fell asleep.*

yes. the blue eagles won.woohoo!

before going to the game, i lost my wallet. it contains my baby's picture, me matt and eish's picture, my school id, my philhealth id (which is my only government issued id!), the form for me to get my honorable dismissal, the form thingie for me to get my phone back and Php1200. oops, did imention my payroll ATM was in there as well? grr..as i 've said.the person who took it will be having kulugo for the rest of his or her life.

so anyway, i was in such a bad mood the whole day.that is, until after the players of the first game, UP-NU started their warmups on the court. i suddenly felt goosebumps as i watched them do their practice layups and freethrows. and as the game started, all feelings of anger and frustration suddenly dissipated. (although trust me on the kulugo thingie.) this was live college basketball. and this always gives me one of the biggest highs eveeeer.

so anyway, prior to the Blue Eagles winning, i had other reason to celebrate as well. UP won! woohoo! that s my school baby (one of many)! hahaha. matt even nudged me to stand up during the singing of the school hymn and yeah i did. :)

but of course, to the main event....which took waaaaaay too long to start. first up was the awarding of manny pacquiao. yes. he was there. in the flesh. and he was even given a up centennial jacket. and cap. and he looked like a boyscout. cubscout pede? but matt says he looked more like those guys from the nba draft. since they get team jackets and caps as well. so after a little speech and good luck wishes (to both teams) he left and went backstage (or so i thought).

and after LOUD cheers and whistles for the game to start, tantananan! agent zero is in the house!hahaha! we could not believe it. we thought he was not going to watch the game anymore since he had such a tight schedule (i know, mat checked). but he was there. though he wasn t given much attention kasi nike sponsored this season's uaap and arenas is of adidas sponsorship (did that just sound wrong?hmm..parang scholarship lang.hahaha!)

and so after all the picture taking, we finally wanted to get it all started. then pacquiao ent in again. so basically, we had to wait until everybody gets seated to start the game. and boy, what a way to start the game. chris tiu nailing in 2 free throws before the jump ball. true. there was a technical foul called on the la salle bench as we saw la salle s brother oca exchange not so friendly remarks. so there. 2-0 for ateneo.

and it kicked them off to owning the 1st quarter, with la salle trailing just close behind. and close behind it was. la salle finished off 5 points ahead in the 2nd quarter, sending the dlsu cheering squad performing first with their signature (na medyo laos na aminin natin) arrow into A formation. then came the blue babble forming 1 5 0 which indicated ateneo's sesquicentennial celebration.

*this was the part where i walked out and sulked in his bedroom.*

so anyways, we still got hyped even though we were 5 points behind. and yes, we had the right to get hyped as we were able to make habol in the 3rd quarter, having 1point (tama ba?or pantay to?) ahead the archers. and so, lo and behold..the 4th quarter. sakit sa puso pramis. hahahahaha! if not for the freethrows, if not for the layups..shoosh. woohoo. 79-73. sarap. next time ulit!

*i read this somewhere: "si rabeh panalo..then patalo...then panalo ulit". apir. hahaha.si tiu din pasuspense 2 lang sa 3 freethrows ang pinasok..hahahaha. plus, i love the eagles' line up nung 4th.panalo un. :)

*daddy marvin, sweep sweep sweep..makikipagbet ako next time hahahaha!