May 13, 2007


i have a splitting headache. it started yesterday when i was at boyfriend's house, spending the day away. i woke up late so i was in no hurry to go to work and decided i'd call-in-sick and i did. so after boyfriend's shift, we ate breakfast in chowking at kamuning and then went home to while away. and then the headaches started. it really made me cry. seriously. good thing i was with boyfriend, though. he at least soothed the pain for quite a bit. but this is actually unexpected, the migraine. i've been having migraine attack ( which actually caused me to be confined in a hospital) when iwas still a kid and some ocassional attacks when i was in high school. but i thought these things stopped when i entered college. boy was i wrong.

but really, it was quite unexpected since i haven't had a migraine attack for like, years now. and then here it comes again.

wait, is there really such a thing as unexpected? i mean, what do you think? like this migraine of mine, for example, was it really unexpected or did i just fail to notice the signs? like not fully drying my hair before going to sleep, too much exposure to the computer screen, disturbing ungodly work hours... i guess there's no such thing as unexpected. what we might not be expecting was already predicted by someone else to happen to us. or we just failed to see the signs leading to that certain event, or we didn't want to recognize the signs leading to the event. i don't know. it makes me a bit confused now.

**i've thought about this unexpected thing when i was lying in bed last night, nursing a splitting headache and me thinking just made it worse. i guess that's what happens when even your mind is too stubborn to listen to you.