May 6, 2007

everyday questions and your not-so-typical answers.

i have again, filled my post with a list of blogthings. i mean, i was just supposed to answer some random survey in the bulletin boards of friendster to pass some time before heading off to snoozeland but then i remembered blogthings and tada! here's what you get.

anyway, while i answer the questions at blogthings, i hear the senatoriables making up answers of their own in front of national tv and their opponents. and to eb honest, i got surprised at realizing there are some candidates i didn't even know had it in them to run. i mean, the shame? hahahahaha.

there are some tried and tested candidates who actually know what they're doing, i mean, aside from really understanding the questions and all, but hey, you can't blame those other wanna-bes.

some candidates who don't have any idea at all about politics just simply sway the questions and blow answers out of proportions, reeling away from the topic of it all. plis, when all else fails, just blame the effing gov't for chrissake. and tell everyone how good they are and how better off we can be with them in the seats.

i wish i could have watched this from the very beginning. i could have added some very interesting quotes here.

sigh. they're almost done anyway so i'd better get ready for sleeping.

**add-on: they have this questions from other candidates and lozano asked this: paano makakabawi sa milyun-milyong ginastos sa pangangampanya? i actually had to laugh at it but then it got corny since the one who's supposed to answer it was some guy who didn't even had any million to spend on his campaigning. imagine if it were some wealthy bussiness man like, say, pichay? hahahahaha!