Mar 2, 2007

tell me.

if you'd accept surrender, i'll give up some more. -walking after you

whenever you lose something, at most cases, that's the only time you evr truly realize it's worth. stupid. totally. i know. i am.

i am somber
of all the faults i've put you through.
i am weakened
by all the pain i've caused of you.
i am strangled
of all the words i've cursed you through.
i am bruised
by all the straps i've enclosed on you.

so if you would please

melt the shards of glass piercing
amass the tears, your handkerchief staining
tinker the bolts of faith loosening
tame the mended wings flying.

if you would please

hold me
then break me
cradle me close
then push me

further and further
til i'm no longer..

looking, falling fading.

but if you would please
could you just please
come back home.
come back home.


tell me all you need and i will try. i will be free for you anytime. - more than anyone