Nov 21, 2006

sigh. whine.

ok. so i was making this testimonial for matt and im stuck. i said id try to put into words how much he means to me and its taking me such a long time staring at the computer screen typing nothing. (when we say put into words, it means id have to write him a poem or any lyrical something) and i now believe that i do suck at this. whatever happened?!

sigh. oh my. now i am again starting my paragraphs with sighs. oh my.

usually, when i start with sighs, i just have no other words to fill up the space with. and i don't want that. i miss having to write about everything and now being ridiculed for it. i mean, nobody's making fun of me but whatever. i know i cant write half as much as i can back then. and i don't want that. ok. im being bitter already. pang bang wham!


ok. i just finished my testimonial for him. yay. oh my. its already 3am and i still have to go to work. damn. i really have to have a laptop now. its really necessary for me. well, just a credit card and six more paydays to go.