Aug 13, 2006

im tired. and im sick.


1. sigh.

it was a long weekend for us guys at work but i really feel i haven't gotten much rest lately. you see, even when i do know i'm not supposed to go to work the next day, when i sleep at night i still wake up at around 12.30 and when i get back to sleep i end up waking again by 4am. great, right? then i'm up by 6.

i'm not complaining about all this, don't get me wrong. this point, space, place in time has got to be one of the highlights of my life, owe to the fact that i'm trying my very best struggling everything and i just...i'm loving the thought that just by waiting some more, i can finally move into a new apartment and spend the days with my mattie.

2. sigh.

i'm sick. i've got this bad feeling of pain all over my body and i have the colds so most probably i can't quite hear well and smell as well. haha. i just remembered that the last post i made was about my being sick and here i am again, talking about sickness. you don't think my body has lost all its immunity, its defense against the common ailments, do you? hmm..

3. sigh.

i still have a lot of catching up to do with reagrds to my acads. there's that paper in bc and that research paper in en. for the research paper in bc, i believe really that that is my fault why i still haven't got it done. but with en, the thing is, im bored with the class that's why i don't have the energy to actually want to do good in it. imagine, "College Reading and Writing" and what lessons are we getting? Basic Reading and Writing? these are the times i wish i haven't screwed up in up.

4. sigh.

work work work. now im feeling the pressure of having to actually hit goal everyday and make sales. i was transferred in another campaign, asp, and it's the priority campaign and all of us are being tested. and im really trying my best. i believe that if i really focus hard and long enough, i'd get the hang of it. i just have to brush that pressure off.

5. sigh.

i feel like it's been weeks ago since matt and i were able to attend and actually keep our heads up in mass. because one of us usually falls asleep and there. it's really embarassing but we can't help it at times, sorry.

6. sigh.


i miss my mattie.

now im really getting tired. i'll try to post by next week. promise...i'll try.
love you, baby.