May 31, 2006


i want to cry. and not because of some sappy thing like im tired of this life, im so burned out, my boyfriend cheated on me (as if that will ever happen!) i want to cry because i miss TABAK.

i was browsing through a friend's page in friendster and i saw it...tabak pics. old tabak pics...sigh.

i miss tabak's principle. i miss tabak's comfort-the thing is, no matter what happens, you know tabak is there for you, the whole of tabak is gonna be there. it was tabak which taught me that i can really do more, that i should fight for what's right and not just go with the flow. tabak taught me to be a non-conformist, to not try to please everyone else, to satisfy the country's thirst before one's self.

i just miss TABAK.

by the way, realidaya was the song by kuya iko which razel, ate yello and i made steps to and which we danced at the major prod we had that year, MULAT.

aaw. i just looked at tabak's page and i saw the photo albums...aaw. i miss the tabak family.