Apr 17, 2006

liar liar to such joy!

ok. i just lied and told my parents i had work today but then i had none. so there.


i wanted so much to write all the poems (well, the lines) suddenly rushing out of my whole system but then the computer where i was in front of had a lousy keypad that might make my mattie wake up with its loud loud clink,clank. oh by the way he was actually sleeping at my lap that time. so anyway all those poems (lines) had disappeared just like that. hai hai.

oh by the way its already monday morning and i haven't slept and in a few hours matt and i are to go to the university belt and get my tcg from ue. we're also going to divisoria (i think) to buy me some me-clothes. yay! uhh..that was just wishful thinking but let's see.

so as of now ate makris and i are talking about this utterly UGH guy that totally pisses us all off. he desperately had to sabotage all the computers here just to get back at the attendants-in-charge. eew.


about work again. oh i already have my work. i mean not work work exactly but work. i mean, we're just trainees and we still ahve to prove that we can actually make sales and stuff so there. hopefully we get in, no?

the compensation isn't that low or such soaring high but just enough for two eighteeners who are just trying to pay off some of the bills at home and having their fair share of solo time-s. wait. im the only one who's working so as to pay the bills off and he's working to have his phone swapped to 3g. nice, no?


anyway, i was able to post in my blog again! such joy!