Mar 15, 2006


i saw the above term in a fx taxi. i don't know if it's just a make-up name for the taxi or the owner really thought hard about proclaiming how the media tricks us for the most part; nonetheless, it's aptly named.


media really does plays tricks on us. be it from the most mundane thing to the most critically profound. i have nothing against media being a way of expression of repression, current news(without edits, please!) and what-have-yous. what i am against is media being such a free enterprise for all those elite who can afford the airtimes that costs about thousands of pesos for just a few seconds. sigh.

now media is such a powerful tool in formulating the beliefs of its audience. most especially, those with low literacy rate and has not the sufficient knowledge about a certain topic. if media says this is this, then for them, this really is what the media says this is. and its sad to think that most of the audience of media thinks the way media thinks. to think, media is being handled by those who makes us what to think that this what we should think this is.

ok that was weird. anyway, all im trying to say is, let us be the smart people that we are and not let media plays their tricks on us. enough of that mediatrix. this isn't a carnival nor is it a circus. this is real life, people. wake up and smell the freshly-baked bread of you.