Oct 21, 2005

i stand still among the herd

fighting for what one believes in is not at all any reason for such hysterical fits of laughter. if it was, i would have died aeons ago due to excessive laughing at those hypocrite monkeys dancing with glee after the death of the impeachment case filed earlier this year. im finally breaking my silence about these rallies being held against the GMA government. like what conrado de quiros said in his article yesterday, what we filipinos have are two relative evils to choose from. one is living still under the hands of a puppet and the other is the uncertainty that lies ahead if and when the pupet's strings at\re cut - will she be replaced by a person who can uplift the dignity of all filipinos or another puppet willing to tie his master's strings around himself? what the philippines need is a leader aimed at helping the country not by suggesting drastic measures to provide security (CPR) or to lessen the country's debt (EVAT). a lot may argue that these are all for the future; we should think of the long-term effects. okay. i see their point in that but the cost of these are different deaths of innocent individuals who are helplessly crying for help from the God-like grip of a fascist government who are merely supplying them with needs that can last for only a day! and you tell me they are for the long-term benefits and effects? really now.

when she provided housing for the homeless, she took away their main source of income. ok so she gave them jobs after realizing this. yet what jobs were they? tens to hundreds of kilometers away from their houses, they receive an equally small income and when they get home, their is nothing left in their sweldo.

when she increased their sweldo, they had no idea they were up for evacuation in a year or so. she promised an amount for salary that could last them for how many months but that was it!

think twice about who you are to stand for. think twice about laughing at other people raising their left arms during mass rallies and protests. because unlike you, we think twice before we let any of your kind rule over us. unlike you, we think twice before we go out and let our cries be heard.

unlike you, we think twice before wasting our laughs on mere detractors.