Mar 23, 2005

a week of abstaining...heck 'tis the Lent anyways

i am tired. i slept at around 4 to 4.30 am this morning (owing to the insufferable need to stare mercilessly at the computer screen while it hypnotized me into a series of continuous clickity-click of my hands over the keyboard) and woke up, wait...i was shaken out of my couple of zzz's at what time? oh, 7.45 am. ack!

it's already 2.11 pm and actually, if i really want, i can go ahead and sleep now but my instincts are forcing me to do so otherwise. and since i am not able to make use of the computer in our room, because it has been stripped off of a roof - literally (my dad's fixing the whole roofing of our house, chenelou) - i have to make do with this obsolete laptop my tito gave me at the time wherein windows 95 was the latest and windows xp was still a dream...and maybe a couple of microchips away. sigh. **btw, this doesn't have an internet connection so i might be posting this entry a little later than 2 pm.

okay, today is wednesday. and on wednesdays, what i enjoy doing the most (except for watching will&grace reruns on etc and lilo& stitch the series on disney) is reading the 2bU! section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer - the newspaper on the table for every morning of everyday of every week of every month of every year of my existence. i am not really an avid fan of reading everyday news. heck, id read calvin and hobbes over any newspaper anytime! but wait...actually, i have been trying to read the news nowadays. ever since i joined my organizations at upbaguio, (TABAK-ACS...miss ko na kau!) i decided i needed to learn more about our country...our filipino people...and the way things work with regards to the government-media-masa cycle.

oh crap, save my raves about the Tanghalang Bayan ng mga Kabataan sa Baguio - Aliance of Concerned Students org for next time. (hehe...full name hehe...waah gusto ko nnmn umakyat sa baguio! hehe bute nakaabot ako nung election ng mga officers..hi kuya h! hehe...ate vh! hehehe...amf miss ko na baguio! mga bes ko!!!)

anyways, as i was saying earlier, i read 2bU!'s Holy Week edition and their title was 'Abstain and Inspire.' i read on and found out that their paper for today consisted of the different 2bU! correspondents giving up those things that they love doing or using (or eating, as one excruciatingly tried to avoid Hersheys, Ferreros, Milanos & Reese's). while i was reading their articles, i was on the phone with my annah. i told her about the articles and she asked me something in the lines of 'ano ba ang sabi about abstinence sa Bible?'. and it occurred to me that hey, i had no idea what the Lent season is all about na. i mean yah, i used to know it since i came from a catholic girl's school. but i guess the info just drained away together with my acads-mode brain while i was washing my hard drinks shots with beer. sigh. naturingan pang katoliko. *shies away*

nah just kidding. but i have to admit there's a lot of stuff that doesn't make any sense to me anymore. i guess i just have to have another brush with my CLE.

well so there, back to my ranting and raving. kudos to those who fulfilled their challenging tasks (4 out of 13, not bad...not bad at all.) btw, here are the titles of the articles and their writers, which i guess gives you the idea of what they're trying to abstain from.

While my guitar gently sleeps - Christian B. Bautista
How to shake a dirty mouth in 10 days - Angela V. Ignacio
Choco-holics anonymous - Francine Palines
Over and out - Saleema Devi Refran (Cable TV abstinence)
Textus un-interruptus - Arlene M. Paredes
Blogs, begone! - Marla Cabanban
Out of sight, out of mind - Javier Mata
Seeing more without a mirror - Bianca Consunji
Confessions of a flip-flop fanatic - Pam Pastor
A toast to alcoholic abstinence - Cheryl Tiu
Diet from words - Catherine Young
No-judgment days - NiƱo Mark Sablan
Whine no more, my sweet - Marla Miniano

i was unsure whether 2 out of the 13 challenges fulfilled their tasks. but the rest was history. more than half the tasks were left unfinished. but they did not fail. yes, ladies and gents out there, they did not. for trying your best whatever the outcome be already certifies you as a winner.

and for those out there trying to do tasks such as this, dismissing them for easy and no-sweat challenges...well, you have been warned. not everything is what it seems *starts 'you may think this is an apple but no, this is an orange' hypnotizing tactics* (okay okay cringe at my pathetic attempt at being funny). fulfilling these would take a lot of courage and discipline and self-determination. just watch out you guys.