Mar 18, 2005

last working day of the week...

unfortunately for some (like my mom), they have to work their butts for 7 days a week. such a hassle. but hey, if the pay is good, why argue?


some updates:
i am addicted to pristontale. you know, that online game? aargh...but i can't get past level 8...hehe...haven't been able to get out of the house for the past couple of days. anyways, after this, i wear i won't get off of my seat until i've at least leveled-up my character. it's a priestess, by the way. i mean, she's a priestess, by the way.

i have been drinking earlier. mp let...we tried the bora mix but they didn't like it (lakas daw ng tama) so we decided to just throw it.

i haven't been much of myself lately. why? gawd i wish i had the slightest idea. but i don't. so i guess that makes me just much more weird...or weirder...or whatever.


sigh. oh no. i am going back to that state of being of mine wherein all i post are a couple of sighs, a couple of aarghs, and well, did i mention a couple of sighs? aigh. see that? there i go again. guess i better log-off now before i bore anyone else reading this with my non-sense posts.

anyways i still have that character to at least level up. hehe.