Mar 5, 2005

accidents happen.

nakakainis..bkt ganun??eh im trying my very best na nga na mklimot nd all tpos..the whole world just conspires to make me feel miserable...nakakainis...

wel at least i am sort-of happy right now...xempre, i have my the wishful thinking...anticipation ng pagpunta ko ulit ng baguio...waah..i miss my old pals...

damn it! i can't think you think im a schizophrenic?yes, i think maybe i am a schizophrenic...don't you think?well then think! already thought about it?what can you say huh?am i or am i not? i guess i really how the heck can you explain my laughing and then bawling the next second just earlier??!

aargh. i just have to stop. i feel...i dunno...a total mix of pain and happiness...gawd. i have got to get over whatever it is that is on my mind right now. it just isn't right.

accidentally in love. the timing was perfectly incorrect. everything just fell out of place and im stuck with just thoughts. memories, sensations, moments, sights.