Feb 18, 2005


i want coffee. i already had my three cups this morning but i can't seem to get enough of it. what is it with coffee that i love so much? its sensous scent - the rich aroma that fills me? its black color that seems to entice me everytime i take a quick peek before sipping it? or its uber satisfying taste of brewed coffee beans with just a little hint of sweetness? aah...im gonna make myself one now.

adik. expression ng meme ko. ang kulet ko daw tapos lagi ko pang ginagawa ung pinagdidikit ung 2 kong pointing finger?ung parang nag-a-align?ung laro ng mga baby?hehe...gwain ko xe un pg kinikilig or natutuwa or nasasad...bsta pag naooverwhelm ng mga emosyong di ko alam kung pano ie-express.

complex. life is just full of complexities. i can't get it why everytime i try my very hard to not to get entangled in this series of pulls i just always manage to attract a whole other drama. ive repeatedly said this over and over: hate drama. but it always seems to be "flung on me by people way beyond my control." (oh, tambayan ko din pala ang anonas complex...sa d-player date tapos sa gowee tapos eh ung meme ko sa g-port kaya un.)

cellphone beeps. aaugh. why did i have to lose my cellphone? it's my only form of communication when i was still in baguio. and now, im realizing i needed it more here. and well, what do i have to say for myself?...dakila.