Feb 16, 2005

blind dates

warning: this is a very lame entry. just had nothing else to rant about. :)

blind dates.

(just heard that this is the topic on mellow touch's ladies' night...me just wants to comment about it.)
would you go out on a blind date?

here are some pointers to consider (even remember):

point no. 1 - the bridge

there is just one factor that lies between me and that blind date: the person who set it up. if that person is a friend of mine, then yah sure. but if s/he is a stranger (as in i-don't-even-know-your-name stranger), well i guess not.

point no. 2 - no expectations

blind dates aren't really scary. the problem with blind dates is that people (always seem to) have a lot of expectations. i mean, when you go out, do not have any expectations. as in none, zero, nada.

because if you have expectations, (need i say it?...well just for the record...) and the person does not meet those expectations, you'll just get disaapointed and label that person even before you get to know him/her. you might not know what the heck you are missing.

point no. 3 - it's just a date!

D-A-T-E. it is just a date. no need to stress yourself over it. your date may or may not be the person "you were looking for your whole life". one date. it's just one date.

it doesn't mean that if you dated this person A, he/she instantly is your boy/girlfriend. i mean hello?! you see that's the problem with most Filipinas. they have this thinking that dates are meant only for that special someone. duh. that is so like 18th century.

point no. 4 - be yourself

if you find your date totally charming and you so want to please him/her, just act natural. no need to go over the board and say you can do this or that (when in fact you so can't) just so s/he will think you're impressing. trust me, being yourself is impressing enough.

on the other hand, if you find your date overly obssessed talking about him/herself, and manages to turn the topic back to him/herself, i suggest you politely excuse yourself. tell what's on your mind. say out loud how bored you are. hehe. like what i said, be yourself.